Responsive Redesign

I have a lot of automotive digital experience having worked in Metro Detroit area for seven years. Worked for ad agencies where Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Chevy and Ford/Lincoln were main clients. Based on that experience I can honestly say the that our team produced is still the best TIER II automotive website out there.

The time and I worked to create a simple, visual, responsive solution—with me taking ownership of the Vehicle Details List View, Schedule a Test Drive, Deal Builder, Vehicle Inventory Screens, and the Favorites section.

The experience was successful, in part, because of the entire offer entry CMS was rebuilt from the ground up. It made it easy for Toyota Dealer Associations to craft offers and promotions that best met the needs of their community.

The design of the offer tiles was to clearly highlight the vehicle special. The ribbon system was to create an additional visual system to educate the user on the type of the the tile is.

Vehicle Details Page (Grid View)

Vehicle Details Page (List View)

Schedule a Test Drive

Dealer Builder Screens

Vehicle Inventory Screens

Favorites Initial and Future Screens