Quaker Human Energy Crisis (HEC) Experience

Human Energy Crisis or QuakerUp is a website experience that aggregated data using hashtags to show how tired the United States really is. Using different infographic styles we show that data. The concept for the website was to allow the user to "Send Aid" to a friend in a form of a coupon. That would be visualized in a Google map animation of the Quaker parachute coming on your friends address. 

I wanted the design to feel free and open. The fonts to have movement and energy. It was accomplished with arced type and little design elements to highlight the headers.

Landing Page:

Mobile Design:

"Send Aid" video animation example was not produced but the client was very receptive to the idea. The way it would work is when someone sends you "aid" you would get an email and when you click on it you will see the package animate in in google street view to your current location as the package falls to street level brand messaging will appear. You can claim your coupon and send "aid" to anyone who has an energy crisis.