Foster Farms Take75 Website

We helped Foster Farms celebrate their 75th Anniversary by opening up a social dialogue between new consumers, existing customers and the brand. As the Lead Designer my role was to create a variety of digital executions leveraging the core yellow color of Foster Farms while introducing a modern script font and instagram style photography direction. The goal of the new creative look was to appeal to a younger target, especially moms. 

For young moms, connections with family and fun center around social. So that’s where we started. We showed what the brand has always stood for and how those principles are leading the company into the future. 

Range of Design Executions:

To drive to the landing page and reinforce the campaign idea of "Bringing Back Mealtime" we created banners, email newsletters, pre-rolls, pandora skin and leave behind stickers that said "Gone to Dinner" that costumers could put on their computer screens.

Take75 Landing Page:

The Foster Farms Take75 social campaign was a call to the dinner table. A call that was mirrored on social channels. I worked on creating social post template looks that reinforced the core brand colors of yellow and brown. But also introduced new recipe photography style with more stylized font. 

Engagement is the New Loyalty.

Our social content accomplished its goal. We grew engagement on Foster Farms Facebook page and increased the likes from 34,000 to over 148,000+.